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Dangle Projects
  • Great for Group Activities. Make a “Friendship Dangle” for your friends.
  • For all ages over 3.
  • Add beads and other jewelry.
  • Can be used to personalize cell phones, zipper pull, key ring, purses, luggage, IPODS, laptops, dog leashes, etc…
  • Easy - no baking required and non-toxic.
  • You can use Makin’s Clay® Cutters for more Ideas.
Click here for Dangle FAQ

Other Ideas…

  • Children- Tiara, Wand, Purse, Train, Truck, Dog, Cat, Fish, Bird and all other animals.
  • Teens- Ballet Slipper, Shopping Bag, Baseball, Football, Basketball and all other sports.
  • Adults- Something Elegant, Martini Glass
  • Seasonal- Christmas Tree, Pumpkin, Easter Egg, Snowman, Heart, Ghost.
  • Initials- Use the first letter of your first or lastname to personalize your handbag, phone, keys, etc. You could also keep your items separate from your friend.

Project Instructions: