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Makin's Professional®
Professional Clay Tools

Professional Tools - Stamp, Mark, Texture, Cut, Brand & More!


Tips and Techniques (800kb pdf)

  • Two Double-Ended Assembly Handles
  • Two Assembly Heads
  • Three Rotary Cutting Wheels - plain, wave, scalloped
  • Three Texture Points
  • Three Sphere Points
  • Eight Detailing Points - Fine Flow, Rounded Flow, Medium Flow, Dot, Script, Line, Shading, Stencil
  • Three Stamping Points - Moon, Star, Spiral
  • One Feather Point
  • One Cutting Point
  • Plastic Container to hold small pieces
For use with all types of clays, including metal clay!


Professional Tools - Stamp, Mark, Texture, Cut, Brand & More!


This complete set of professional tools is for Makin's Clay enthusiasts who like to add a special touch to the clay surface created.

These multi-functional tools are great for stamping, making, texturing, cutting and branding.

Just for all types of clay including metal clay!


$150 Value if purchased separately!