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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1.  How long does Makin’s Clay® need to dry?

Makin’s Clay® dries when exposed to normal room temperatures within 24 hours. Thin sheets of Makin’s Clay® will dry quickly while thicker layers of clay will take longer.  Actual drying time may vary depending on the density of the clay project and atmospheric conditions such as heat and humidity.


Q2.  Does Makin’s Clay® shrink after dried?

Makin’s Clay® is a water based clay, as such as the clay dries some shrinkage will occur.  In most cases shrinkage will be less than 3%, but on larger clay objects the shrinkage can be 5%-8%.  The slower the clay dries, the less shrinkage will be realized.  When using Makin’s Clay® for small jewelry or mixed media or fine art projects where exact dimensions are critical, it’s best to test Makin’s Clay® for shrinkage in the atmosphere where the work will be performed to determine the actual shrinkage for your project.


Q3.  Will Makin’s Clay® color changed after drying?

Makin’s Clay® color will dry slightly darker then the color when fresh out of the package. The change in color is so minimal; it may not be noticeable to the naked eye.


Q4.  Is Makin’s Clay® durable after dry?

Makin’s Clay® is very durable after it dries, and will break, crack or flake over time.


Q5.  How can you keep Makin’s Clay® moist for use after opening the package?

For best results, remove clay from the outer vacuum pack.  Cut off the portion of clay required for immediate use.  Leave the unused clay in the original inner plastic wrapping.  Place unused clay and any clay scraps inside a resealable bag such as a Ziploc® sandwich baggie with a moist towlette (baby wipe), then squeeze baggie to remove as much air as possible, then zip the baggie closed.  If unused clay is stored properly it will last up to one year or longer after being opened.

·   To maximize the shelf life of opened and unused clay wrap clay in plastic wrap and store in a Ziplock® sandwich bag or a similar air-tight container with a moist paper towel or baby wipe.


Q6.  Can Makin’s Clay® be blended to make different colors?

Two or more Makin’s Clay® colors can be mixed together to achieve additional colors.  The Makin’s® Clay Mixing Ruler (#35003) illustrates a variety of color combinations.  Acrylic and oil paints can be mixed with Makin’s Clay® to create a more vibrant hue or custom color palate.


Q7.  Is Makin’s Clay® waterproof?

Makin’s Clay® is not waterproof, but is not affected by brief contact with surface moisture.  As a general rule it is recommended that a sealer be considered for use on Makin’s Clay projects such as jewelry and outdoor projects to preserve the original shape and beauty from over exposure to perspiration or various weather conditions.


Q8.  What sealers are recommended for use on Makin’s Clay® projects?

There are many different sealant products readily available on the market.  For your convenience please find a list of sealants that have been found work just fine with Makin’s Clay® beads and home décor projects displayed outdoors.

o   Plaid Indoor/Outdoor Varnish

o   Golden Polymer Varnish

o   Beacon Liquid Laminate

o   Plaid Mod Podge

o   USArt Quest Perfect Paper Adhesive


Q9.  Can Makin’s Clay® be frozen to extend shelf life?

Makin’s Clay® should not be frozen if avoidable.  It is believed that repeatable instances of freezing and thawing Makin’s Clay® may actually reduce the shelf life of Makin’s Clay® products.  For best results, store Makin’s Clay® in a climate controlled environment to prevent freezing.


Q10.  Does Makin’s Clay® harden when exposed to heat or left in direct sun light?

Makin’s Clay® does not harden when exposed to heat.  Makin’s Clay® may become softened or sticky if left in direct sun light for an extended time.  If you find Makin’s Clay® is too soft from being in the sun, just open package and allow clay to stand for 2-3 minutes to permit the clay to dry and return to the original condition.


Q11.  Does Makin’s Clay® contain PVC, Phthalate and Latex?

Makin’s Clay® was originated to be an environmentally safe modeling medium.  As such Makin’s Clay® does not contain PVC, phthalates, latex or toxins.


Q12.  Is Makin’s Clay® biodegradable?

Makin’s Clay® is a water-based product and biodegradable.


Q13.  Is Makin’s Clay® acid free and safe to use with photos?

Makin’s Clay® is slightly acid when removed from package, but is acid free when dry.  Makin’s Clay® is ideally suited for use in scrapbooking and collages where photos and other acid sensitive materials will be used.


Q14.  What ingredients are used to make Makin’s Clay®?

The ingredients and formula of Makin’s Clay® is proprietary information and not subject to public disclosure.


Q15.  Does Makin’s Clay® contain Gluten?

Makin’s Clay® does not contain Gluten.  Makin’s Clay® is certified safe for use by consumers of all ages (over 3 years old).  Makin’s Clay® is not manufactured for human consumption.


Q16.  Does Makin’s Clay® cause allergy i.e. Anaphylaxis?

Anaphylaxis is more commonly caused by an allergy to foods which contain ingredients such as nuts (peanuts), shellfish (shrimp and crab), and dairy products (milk and eggs).

Makin’s Clay® is manufactured free from all nuts, shellfish and dairy products.  Makin’s Clay® is currently being tested in an effort to be certified as a hypoallergenic product.


Q17.  Is Makin’s Clay® safe for pregnant women to work with?

Makin’s Clay® has been used by pregnant women for years without any reported problems.  However if you are aware of any pregnancy complications or have reason to have a specific concern about using clay products it is recommended you consult with your physician before using Makin’s Clay®.

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