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Makin's Professional®
Ultimate Clay Extruder Deluxe Set


The Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Extruder® Deluxe Set combines the next generation of the Makin's® patented screw-type extruder, 15 popular discs designs, 3 sizes of Claycore® adapters and 2 extra O-rings in a convenient and secure storage case. The new extruder incorporates an L-shaped handle that can be adjusted to optimize user's comfort and internal features to accommodate higher torque requirements. The discs included are an assortment of designs frequently used by artists when creating geometric embellishments and complex armatures. The three different sizes (1mm, 2mm & 3mm) of Claycore® adapters are used in conjunction with discs which enable artists to create custom beads of various shapes and designs. The durable case has an easy-accessible resting place for the extruder, ten separators which keep extruder accessories organized in individual storage compartments, a clear see-through top and a double latch locking mechanism.