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Makin's® USA is the authorized importer
and distributor of Makin’s®, Makin’s Brand®,
Makin's Clay® and Makin’s Professional®
products to customers in the United States,
Canada, Central America, South America
and US Territories.

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Makin’s® USA Inc.
12305 Cary Circle, Suite # 4 
Omaha , NE 68128, USA 
Tel: (402) 891-0085
Fax: (402) 891-0089

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The Grow Where You Are Planted Canvas

by Cindi Bisson



2016 Makin's Clay Catalog

No Bake Air-Dry Clay Book

The Art Deco Sculpture

by Lex Sorrentino

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Official Makin's Clay Social Media Channels

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What's New for Makin's Clay®?