Makin’s® Professional™ Ultimate Clay Machine® Tech Sheet



General Uses

Tips and Techniques for Achieving Best Results with Makin’s ® Professional™ Ultimate Clay Machine®


Note: Clay sheets that are very thin are prone to a condition called “even rippling,” that is, indentation lines spaced at approximately ¼ inch intervals that are the same width as the clay, that coincide with the rotation of the machine’s gears. This rippling can be seen with any brand of clay using any brand of clay machine. While there is no remedy for even rippling, following the tips and techniques listed above can minimize ripples. If ripples are visible in clay sheets and will affect the outcome of your project, a brayer or acrylic roller can be used to smooth rippling before applying sheet to project.


To Avoid Damaging Non-Stick Rollers

Cleaning Your Machine


  1. Always clamp machine to table to prevent tipping. If a motor is used, follow manufacturer’s safety instructions.
  2. Not for use with food.
  3. Do not allow children to use machine unsupervised as opening between rollers may be wide enough for very young children to pinch their fingers.
  4. Your results may vary if the machine is used with brands of clay other than Makin’s Clay®.


Some professional clay crafters prefer to remove various pieces of their clay machine, especially the two metal pieces also called plates, fenders or guards from the top of the machine. However, at this time we believe the plates are necessary components and should remain intact. Please be advised that if you remove parts for the clay machine we cannot be responsible for the results. Be sure you know how to re-assemble the machine prior to removing parts or taking the machine apart for any reason.

Please note: Thickness settings mentioned in various clay tutorials may not always correspond to the thickness settings on the machine.


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